The Race is On

The biggest, boldest event in driverless development takes place this October, with $1.5 million dollars at stake. The Indy Autonomous Challenge will test 10 advanced R&D teams’ driverless vehicle algorithms at speeds up to 180 mph on the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Many automotive innovations have come out of Formula 1 racing and from motor sports in general. That’s why the drive to get autonomous vehicles onto the highway will benefit greatly from the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC).

In this webinar, three expert engineers closely involved with the race afford you their insights:

  • a race overview, chronicling the 10-month journey and the challenges encountered along the way
  • how GNSS provides absolute position and the backbone for the high-speed sensor fusion aboard the 10 competing Dallara AV-21 racecars
  • how LiDAR is used to provide relative localization and movement data

Presenters: Lee Baldwin and Justin Puent – Hexagon | AutonomouStuff, Dr. Matthew Weed – Luminar Technologies