Autonomous vehicle control

Icon of two halves of a brain with wiring insideIn the decade that Hexagon | AutonomouStuff has been a leader in advancing robotics and autonomous systems, we have cultivated a unique software stack to enable autonomy on off-road vehicles.  

Autonomy software acts as the vehicle's brain, ingesting data from across sensors and controlling the vehicle through drive-by-wire systems. Developing a flexible autonomy software stack results in a solution responsive to different hardware, sensors and requirements of off-road applications.  

Our software enabling autonomous vehicle control includes:  

  • Seamless integration into an entire autonomy perception and vehicle control system 
  • Operation on production-grade hardware 
  • Combination with other positioning technologies and collision avoidance systems available through Hexagon 
  • Scalability for full site awareness of personnel, vehicles and equipment 

Our robust autonomy software supports off-road applications through a holistic solution enabling full-site autonomy. With a focus on safety, customisation and scalability, autonomous vehicle control is within reach in industries like mining and agriculture.