Overhead view of autonomous road trains driving in a remote location

Autonomous Road Trains for Long Haul Mining

How can we make mining, construction and other industrial applications more efficient, safe and sustainable?

Indy Autonomous Challenge

The Race is On

The Indy Autonomous Challenge will test 10 advanced R&D teams’ driverless vehicle algorithms at speeds up to 180 mph on the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Photo of completed autonomous bus shuttle parked on a rural road

Automated Driving Systems (ADS) for Rural America

The ADS for Rural America project utilizes an automated Ford Transit 350HD platform developed as part of Hexagon's autonomous mobility solutions portfolio to collect ADS data and passenger impressions while navigating a 47-mile loop of rural Iowa roads.

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Enabling Tier IV Robotaxi: Autoware and Hexagon | AutonomouStuff

Tier IV launched the first autonomous taxi service in Japan, relying on the unique combination of Autoware open-source autonomous driving software and custom drive-by-wire system development from AutonomouStuff.

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Empowering an Autonomous Future

Hexagon's autonomous mobility solutions portfolio concentrates expertise across corporate divisions and disciplines to deliver the hardware, software and services necessary for autonomous operations in a variety of industries.