Showroom style sensor integration

The Challenge

A leading automotive global supplier required a showroom style Automated Research Development Platform that could also serve as a fully functional Research and Development vehicle. The request included a clean integration of oddly-shaped sensors which could be fully accessible.


The company received an automated Lincoln MKZ with an impressive amount of LiDAR radar and integrated vision. The platform includes custom carbon fiber and fiberglass parts that are fully functional yet aesthetically pleasing. The vehicle is being used to develop Visteon’s DriveCore™ autonomous driving platform.  This open development platform integrates LiDAR radar and vision data into a centralized failsafe processing system used for controlling ADAS and Automated vehicle features.

Photograph of vehicle outside showing roof mounted sensor


Visteon received a showroom style integrated platform with the functionality of an R&D style vehicle.

Close up view of side of vehicle showing the integrated sensor


Platform includes:


  • Custom removable HDL64 and mount (can go from showroom to R&D in about 5 minutes)
  • Panel-mounted connectors in custom shark fin junction boxes
  • Custom mounted VLP32C sensors (2) in the hood
  • VLP16 in grill
  • VLP16 in the rear bumper fascia


  • Cameras (2) integrated into the rear fenders
  • Front-mounted cameras (2)
  • Side view cameras (2) in the side mirrors
  • Cameras (2) integrated into the grill
  • The camera integrated into the rear bumper


  • SSR sensors (4) in corners behind the bumper
  • Rear-facing ESR sensor
  • Front-facing ESR sensor
  • Front forward- & side-looking ESR sensors (2)


  • Custom cooling solution
  • Custom camera mounts
Close up view of sensor
Close up view of sensor
Close up view of sensor

Close up view of sensor
Close up view of sensor