“9 Startups with Self-Driven Future” featuring AutonomouStuff

startups automated research development vehicle

AutonomouStuff was recently featured in an article written by Junko Yoshida of EE | Times titled, “9 Startups with with Self-Driven Future (Maybe).” On the heels of Ford’s recent investment driverless car technology company, Argo AI, Yoshida started thinking about all the other self-driven startups out there – including AutonomouStuff. Check out the article to…read more

AStuff Monthly: We’re expanding!

astuff february 2017 newsletter

Things have really picked up at AutonomouStuff and February was no exception! Click here to check out the AStuff February 2017 newsletter. In this issue: AStuff expansion Product highlight: DRIVE PX2 Vendor highlight: Kaarta Illinois School for the Deaf visits AStuff HQ This month’s favorite: Sam Rustan…read more

AutonomouStuff featured in Driverless


Check out this awesome article from Driverless, How a Small Company Punching Above Its Weight Is Accelerating Driverless Car Development. This article walks you through AutonomouStuff’s role in the driverless cars industry and how we got there. CEO Bobby Hambrick provides great comments throughout the article.…read more

NVIDIA and AutonomouStuff

CES was extremely important for the self-driving cars industry this year. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s opening keynote speech included their self-driving platform, BB8. Also, AutonomouStuff-built automated cars were all over CES. Check out this article from the NVIDIA blog highlighting us and many others who brought the latest in automotive technology. You can also learn more about…read more

NovAtel positioning on display at CES autonomy exhibit

NovAtel Integrated Global Positioning Solutions

“AutonomouStuff provides research and development platforms for the safe and reliable testing of automation technologies. It uses NovAtel’s exceptionally …” To read more of the press release from NovAtel featured on GPS World, click here.…read more

AStuff Monthly: Holidays, events and more!

december 2016 newsletter

It’s been another great month at AutonomouStuff! Click here to check out the AStuff December 2016 Newsletter. In this issue: Fleet additions unveiled at CES CES 2017 – Roadmap to Autonomy Now supporting ROS Giving back AutonomouStuff events This month’s favorite: Curtis Jackson Holiday Schedule…read more

AutonomouStuff changes the game of self-driving research with fleet of automated R&D Platforms

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Morton, Ill. — A central Illinois-based company is letting it all ride at 2017’s Consumer Electronics Show. AutonomouStuff, the leader in enabling the future of transportation, is proud to announce additions to their highly-successful Automated Research Development Platform. AutonomouStuff will unveil the fleet of automated R&D Platforms, complete with customized modular-based software at CES 2017.…read more