CES Recap

09 January 2017
CES Logo

We were proud to present our Roadmap to Autonomy at CES 2017 with partners NEXCOM, NovAtel and Quantum. Years of experience and time spent connecting with the right partners have allowed us to become the primary source for driverless car technology in the industry. At CES, we showcased some of the best technologies we’ve found to date. We had data storage represented by Quantum, GPS/positioning technology represented by NovAtel and computing represented by NEXCOM. AutonomouStuff’s unparalleled engineering services and custom-built AGV software modules completed the package. 

Attendees also had the chance to see us in many different places around Las Vegas. We were represented well in various partners’ booths, suites and demonstration vehicles. Whether it be first-class hardware sensors on a demo car, the demo car itself, support from experienced engineers, custom-built software modules or any combination of these and other services, AutonomouStuff was all over CES 2017.

CES also marked the unveiling of our R&D Platform fleet expansion and our new modular-based software applications.

The original platform, based on the Lincoln MKZ, made its debut at CES 2016. The Platform combines four core components — a by-wire vehicle; customizable perception, positioning and data storage kits; middleware; and software applications — to create a safe and reliable solution for autonomy. AutonomouStuff’s CEO, Bobby Hambrick, was excited to continue the tradition, introducing Platforms based on the Ford Fusion, Polaris Ranger and Polaris GEM at CES 2017.

AutonomouStuff’s modular-based AGV software applications add another layer of value on top of the platforms themselves. A customer can now purchase a by-wire capable vehicle platform and also have the chance to license software to automate it, all for a modest cost.

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Our products/services were represented with many great companies throughout CES including:

  • Harmon
  • Hitachi
  • Renesas
  • Denso
  •  Delphi
  • Intel
  • Roborace
  • Qualcomm
  •  QNX
  • Nutonomy
  • Elektrobit
  • Telenav
  •  Honda
  •  Civil Maps