AutonomouStuff changes the game of self-driving research with fleet of automated R&D Platforms

12 December 2016

Morton, Ill. — A central Illinois-based company is letting it all ride at 2017’s Consumer Electronics Show.

autonomoustuff platformsAutonomouStuff, the leader in enabling the future of transportation, is proud to announce additions to their highly-successful Automated Research Development Platform. AutonomouStuff will unveil the fleet of automated R&D Platforms, complete with customized modular-based software at CES 2017.

The original platform, based on the Lincoln MKZ, made its debut at CES 2016. The Platform combines four core components — a drive-by-wire vehicle; customizable perception, positioning and data storage kits; middleware; and software applications — to create a safe and reliable solution for autonomy. AutonomouStuff’s CEO, Bobby Hambrick, is excited to continue the tradition, introducing Platforms based on the Ford Fusion, Polaris Ranger and Polaris GEM.

“This provides a significant step forward for the entire transportation industry,” Hambrick said. “The provided platforms offer proven reliability and safety along with features that greatly benefit researchers and industry leaders interested in the future of autonomous driving. This is thanks to the work of our amazing team as well as partners like Dataspeed and Polaris.”  

AutonomouStuff’s modular-based software applications add another layer of value on top of the platforms. Software applications available include highway autopilot, vehicle control algorithms, waypoint following, shuttle automation, LiDAR object processing, vision processing, LiDAR odometry and mapping and more.

“We have played an instrumental role in igniting the reinvention of transportation,” Hambrick said. “This announcement is one more example of our dedication to revolutionizing the future of this industry and our commitment to help make our customers more successful.”

The expanded fleet and software applications help AutonomouStuff continue its mission of bringing together the world’s best technologies and enabling the future of transportation.

“We pull together an entire ecosystem of expertise that helps the industry move forward and thrive,” Hambrick added. “I’m very proud of the fact that AutonomouStuff has provided more products and services and has delivered more Automated Research Development Platforms than any other company in the industry.”

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