Velocity 2021

Close up view of green Hexagon branded Indy car

Algorithms race to save lives

Normally, the racetrack is a place where lives are willingly put in danger. Drivers pit their wits, their reflexes and their machines against each other, taking great risks at high speeds. For the Indy Autonomous Challenge, teams of university students will test their algorithms and neural networks in a high-speed race that may subsequently save lives.

Photo of NEV

Cultivating future leaders

Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division partners with universities and colleges, contributing to curriculum development to better prepare the next generation of innovators for an ever-evolving autonomous vehicle industry.

Sensor visualisation

Setting a driverless course for the future

Many hands at several companies took an active role in getting the Robotaxi onto Tokyo’s busy streets. Chief among them are Tier IV, the originator and manager of the project; Hexagon | AutonomouStuff, which designed and installed the drive-by-wire system that directs taxi navigation and maneuvering; and the Autoware Foundation, repository of many of the software stacks employed to transform sensor data into taxi commands.