AutonomouStuff has signed an agreement to exclusively provide SICK laser measurement sensors

23 October 2012

SICK laser measurement sensorsAutonomouStuff, a leader in supplying perception and other products related to autonomy, has entered into an exclusive agreement to distribute SICK laser measurement sensors (LMS). This partnership allows AutonomouStuff to exclusively supply: LMS100, LMS111, LMS151 and TIM310 laser measurement sensors products.

Laser Measurement Technology (LMT) is an optical sensing technology which precisely measures the distance to, and/or other properties of a target by illuminating the target using pulses from a laser. The distance is precisely measured by recording the reflected pulse’s time-of-flight. These laser pulses are commonly bounced off a spinning mirror thousands of times per second therefore creating a “scan” of laser pulses.

LMT devices can be used for a wide range of applications acting as the “eyes” of the host platform. These devices detect both 2D and multi-dimensional contour data and can process information either externally or in the sensor itself. SICK LMS sensors are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, including: path planning, obstacle avoidance, classification in traffic, and terrain mapping.

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