Open Autonomy Pilot evolves: Apollo 5.5 with Speed and Steering Control

27 April 2020

The engineers on our Open Autonomy Pilot team have created a new path to production and deployment of next-generation autonomous driving applications.

Working at our research facility in Ottawa, the team has now fully integrated our Speed and Steering Control (SSC) module within the Apollo 5.5 autonomous driving software stack. This screen capture video from the Ottawa test track shows acceleration, braking and steering being controlled on our signature Lexus RX450h Automated Research Development Platform.

The integration with Apollo open-source autonomous driving software enhances key functions, including autonomous driving at higher speeds and dynamic path planning on roads with multiple lanes. As open-source software, Apollo's standard benefits include access to code and data critical for developers.

The long-term goal of the Apollo integration is to connect it with our software and drive-by-wire systems to give researchers additional avenues to gather data, develop new technology and test and validate. The connection in the Lexus platform was designed to be non-intrusive and self-contained, and it paves the way for Apollo integration with other platform models.