New Product Q&A: AStuff NEBULA

11 February 2017

astuff nebula computer>


We’re proud to announce the AStuff Nebula, our newest computing solution for your autonomy needs. The Nebula begins a new chapter for industrial computers. As the first embedded controller targeting the emerging applications of CUDA computing, autopilot, AI inference and virtual reality, the Nebula integrates all features required for a compact, reliable and powerful GPU-computing platform. AutonomouStuff’s Director of New Products/Technologies, Terry Lamprecht, took the time to answers some pressing questions about the Nebula.


terry lamprecht astuff nebula>1. How does the Nebula provide a solution to autonomy? There are two main reasons we selected this computer:

  • It has the necessary I/O options to work with fiber optic cards for Quantum storage solutions. Many of our customers need to log large amounts of data and need to have the ability to transfer that data to in-vehicle storage quickly. This is often necessary when working with large amounts of high-resolution video and LiDAR data. Fiber optic cards used with this system allow us to reach speeds of up to 16Gb/s.
  • Another great advantage is the computer is designed to work with discrete graphic cards from NVIDIA (GTX 950 & GTX 1050).

2. That’s awesome, Terry! Tell us about some of the other benefits. Other benefits include:

  • The use of 6th-gen Intel core processing
  • It’s a quad-core machine
  • It offers a wide temperature operating range (-25 to 60° C)
  • This computer also has a 16 channel digital I/O interfacePhotograph of AStuff Nebula in a vehicle

3. What are some common applications for the Nebula? Applications include in-vehicle data storage, AI/deep learning and vision processing algorithms.

4. Why did you choose to call it Nebula? We knew we’d found a winning computing solution and wanted to name it accordingly. It is believed that new stars are formed inside nebulae. This is very fitting because we know that the Nebula will play a part in many advances in AGV systems and will be a new star at AutonomouStuff.



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