New Federal Automated Vehicle Policy

20 September 2016
Six vehicles arranged in a row on a street

Today at 12:00pm EST, the US Department of Transportation announced a new Federal Automated Vehicle Policy to ensure the responsible introduction of automated guided vehicles. These vehicles will make transportation safer and more efficient.

AutonomouStuff is right in the middle of this excitement in the industry as our Automated Research Development Platform is revolutionizing the future of transportation. Our logo was front and center throughout the announcement on University of Michigan’s Mcity car that was built by us and outfitted with our sensors. The rest of the cars in the background (from Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, Stanford, University of California-Berkeley, University of Michigan and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute) are also equipped with technology from AutonomouStuff.

Among the speakers were the Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, the National President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Colleen Church, the Director of the Office on Disability at the Department of Health and Human Services, Henry Claypool and retired US Marine Corps General, James Conway.

You can read through the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy here or view a condensed version here.