CES 2020: portfolios, partners, parties and more!

30 January 2020

We took on CES 2020 in a whole new way: with a massive Hexagon pavilion showcasing Smart solutions portfolios for autonomous fleet development and deployment. And, of course, we caught up with old friends and made new ones while showcasing cutting-edge technology in our space and with partners all across Las Vegas!

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Hexagon Pavilion

Photograph of Hexagon pavilion at CES

You couldn't miss us this year! Along with other members of the Hexagon family, we constructed a pavilion to host meetings and showcase Smart Solutions portfolios, including the formal unveiling of Smart Autonomous Mobility. SAM represents the full spectrum of development for anything autonomous, providing a seamless route to imagine, design, create and deploy everything from a single prototype to a full fleet.

Two people looking at a laptop on a display
Man and woman presenting in front of a display
Group of people looking at a display
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People standing next to a Polaris GEM with doors open
Wide view of display


In addition to a full slate of announcements from and awards for other Hexagon companies, AutonomouStuff had some big news of its own to reveal during CES 2020.

We announced a strategic partnership with Japan-based Tier IV to develop and promote Autoware autonomy software around the globe. The partnership aims to enhance the software so researchers everywhere can accelerate their development of autonomy technology.

We also used CES as the stage to debut our new Canadian research facility in Ottawa. With prime access to a private test track and public infrastructure equipped with connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology, we will use the facility to continue development of our Open Autonomy Pilot, among so many other initiatives. That announcement was also covered by the Ottawa Business Journal.

Two men standing in front of a display

Hexagon Autonomy & Positioning division demonstration

Hexagon branded vehicle on a Las Vegas street at night

An AutonomouStuff Lexus RX450h Automated Research Development Platform decked out in Hexagon attire hit the streets of Las Vegas with the latest in sensors and software to demonstrate everything Hexagon can bring together in the Smart Autonomous Mobility portfolio. The demo had an emphasis on functional safety while displaying NovAtel's software positioning engine and correction services. Check out this beauty!


Just like previous years, AutonomouStuff platforms were all over Las Vegas for CES, showing off the technical prowess of our partners. One of them, Velodyne, also had a huge presence in the Hexagon pavilion. Our very own Business Development Manager, Cameron Gieda, also stepped over to Velodyne's booth to present on how lidar impacts autonomous research and development.

Velodyne Lidar display featuring various lidars
FLIR branded behicle with doors open
Velodyne Lidar display featuring various lidars

Party at Margaritaville!

It wouldn't be CES without a party. At Margaritaville. With AutonomouStuff. What else can we say?

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Five people posing for a photo
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