Hokuyo announces a new outdoor sensor with Ethernet

31 August 2011

This new outdoor sensor is expected to be available in November 2011outdoor sensor

Scanning Laser Range Finder UTM-30LX-EW and UXM-30LX-EW for Outdoor applications

  •  Ethernet Interface
  •  Multi-Echo Detection for Outdoor Applications
  •  IP67

The Hokuyo UXM-30LX-EW Scanning Laser Rangefinder is in many ways Hokuyo’s most farsighted scanner. Normal objects can be seen up to 50m away, while those difficult to see “low reflectance” objects (10% reflectivity & above) can be seen from a distance of 30m. Additionally, the multi-echo functionality ensures that low level “noise” caused by adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, fog and dust, is filtered out.
The UXM-30LX is available with USB or Ethernet connectivity and weighs in at less than 800g. With the outstanding outdoor performance, we see the UXM-30LX being used in larger mobile robots and intelligent AGV’s.

E-mail info@AutonomouStuff.com for additional details or pricing on the UTM-30LX-EW or visit Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW for additional details.