AStuff Monthly: Fall into Autonomy

11 October 2016

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Fall is here and it’s been awesome! Great strides have been made for autonomy, especially at AutonomouStuff. We’ve expanded our team and have had the privilege of participating in discussions on the hottest topics in the industry. We’ve added another new product this month and we’re taking pre-orders for Velodyne LiDAR’s new product as well. As usual, we’ve packed our schedule full. We love having the opportunity to grow with this industry. Click here to check out what’s been happening!

In this issue:

  • NXP Keynote

  • Detroit Expansion

  • Pre-order Velodyne Puck Hi-Res today!

  • New product: LeddarVu8

  • We’ve been busy …

  • This month’s favorite: Tim Swanson