Carnegie Robotics & AutonomouStuff at RoboBusiness

21 October 2014

Carnegie Robotics had Senior Engineering Staff on-site for RoboBusiness 2014 this past week in support of  distributor, AutonomouStuff. The booth had a live demo of the MultiSense S7 running, the new S21 demo video on display, and we spent the days answering multitude of questions about our stereo sensors and technology.

We were also honored to learn that the MutliSense S21 has a earned Robotics Business Review Game Changer Award for 2014. From their article:

The MultiSense S21 addresses one of the key long-term problems in robotics and automation: reliable 3D sensing of the world indoors and out, in a wide range of conditions, at a reasonable cost. This long-range, high-resolution, color 3D sensor has the potential to enable low-cost robotic, automation, and safety features for a wide range of applications including mining, construction, healthcare, and warehouse and factory automation.

For more information about the award and Robotics Business Review please see the article:

carnegie robotics

The new MultiSense S21 demo video shows the sensor operating in a wide-variety of outdoor scenes and several visualizations based on our Cloud Demo Software package, which is open source and slated for release in a few weeks.

Screenshot of video