Press Release: AutonomouStuff adds IBEO’s ScaLa to product line

16 December 2014

ibeo scalaMorton, Ill.AutonomouStuff, a global leader in supplying perception and other products related to autonomy, is now offering customers Ibeo’s new wide angle scanning laser (ScaLa) sensor.

“This sensor is one giant step in the redefinition of mobility,” said AutonomouStuff CEO Robert Hambrick. “ScaLa is the world’s first automotive mass production laser scanner. We are pleased to announce that we are currently offering B2 status samples for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) research and development efforts.”

ScaLa is the result of a multi-year collaboration between Ibeo and automotive tier-one supplier Valeo. Valeo will be responsible for mass production of the sensor, before the end of 2016.

About Ibeo Automotive

Ibeo is the world’s technology leader for driver assistance systems using laser scanners. Ibeo scanners meet maximum technical requirements and the demand for greater safety and comfort for road users. The mission to integrate laser technology in cars remains the driving force and inspiration of the entire Ibeo team. For more information, visit

About AutonomouStuff

Headquartered in the heart of Illinois, AutonomouStuff reaches the world as the leading single-source supplier of autonomous components and services. The company was founded with the goal of bringing together the world’s best technologies to enable autonomy and increase safety.

A main focus at AutonomouStuff is customer success. Customers value the convenience of finding all the components needed to help enable autonomy in one location. AutonomouStuff focuses on supplying today’s specialized products to help provide tomorrow’s solutions. For more information, visit