AStuff Culture

13 February 2017

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Culture is the character and personality of an organization. Team members at AutonomouStuff constantly do all they can to give the words “character” and “personality” the proverbial run for their money, and it all starts with the boss himself. AStuff CEO, Bobby Hambrick has made it his mission to ensure the phrase “going to work” never quite seems like such a task. Oh we work — please don’t get that wrong — but our company is full of motivated people who sincerely enjoy what they do. Each day in the office, we work with some of the most innovative technology and actually have a hand in changing the future of technology. There’s NEVER a boring day and we are constantly given the opportunity to live up to our potential in the world of driverless car technology.

Then there’s the fact that it’s not uncommon for us to spend quality time together via team outings, lunches, happy hours and other events. Whether we’re rapping to Vanilla Ice at our company Christmas party, jumping off the Stratosphere during a stint at CES or giving the term “look Ma, no hands” a literal meaning during daily work, you can bet the AStuff team is having a great time! After all, “all work and no fun is a bad idea.” It says that right there in our culture, I swear!

You can check out our formal (don’t get used to that word with this bunch) Culture here, along with our Vision (which also rocks). Check it out and get a little taste of what it’s like to work for “a place where we celebrate success and have fun,” “a place where we give back to the community around us” and “a place where each employee wakes up and is proud of what they do and how they performed the day before.”

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