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Integration Services

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Automotive vehicle integration

Showroom style

Showroom-style vehicles are designed to blend in with typical road vehicles. Nicely integrated sensors result in a clean and sleek finish. This option is often used for showing off the capabilities of the next generation of mobility.

Row of cars.

R&D style

R&D style is ideal for automated research and sensor evaluations. Vehicles are built to allow you to quickly make mounting adjustments and swap out sensors. Choose R&D style if you’re more concerned with making quick and easy changes to your sensor configurations than with blending in with other road vehicles.

NEV and off-road vehicle integration

We offer both NEV and off-road vehicles with showroom- or R&D-style integration.

Our standard off-road vehicle is the Polaris Ranger. Learn more.

Our standard NEV vehicle is the Polaris GEM, which we can customize to include two, four, or six seats and a bed. Learn more.

Car with custom packaging kit.

Custom packaging kits

Get packaging kits designed specifically for your integration requirements. If you’re an OEM producing platforms that use components from several manufacturers, packaging kits can provide you with many benefits, including:

  • Reduced administrative costs and increased administrative efficiencies from working with a single company.
  • Improved production line efficiencies and increased repeatability when you pull from perception packages intended for and designed exclusively for the production line.
  • Significantly reduced risk of damaged and/or misplaced sensors when you have assurance of proper handling and packaging.
  • A single point of contact for multiple vendors.
  • Flexibility.

Pre-assembled kits might meet many of your needs, whether you’re just learning ROS or you’re highly skilled at full-stack autonomy.

Car on road.

Vehicle upgrades

The autonomous industry is moving fast. Whether you previously bought a platform from us or you already have a pre-built platform, stay up to date with the best available technology. We can help you upgrade your existing platform with:

  • ShorePower batteries
  • Sensors
  • Racks
  • And more

We also offer on-site maintenance to keep your platform up to date. Learn more.


Custom vehicle integration

Do you want to test with a vehicle that isn’t offered as one of our platforms? Our integration team can work on any vehicle and integrate any sensors, even if we didn’t provide them. Vehicles we’ve worked on include:

  • Tesla
  • Chevrolet
  • Acura
  • GMC
  • Audi
  • Genesis

If you plan to integrate a by-wire system into your vehicle, we can also provide engineering services.

Not sure what you want or need? We can help with consulting services.

Custom CAD design

Whether you want an R&D- or showroom-style vehicle, we can build a custom CAD model and its components.

The custom CAD design we offer includes:

  • Brackets for sensors
  • Junction boxes
  • Camera housings
  • Custom racks
  • Custom harnesses
  • Carbon fiber surface molding