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Open Autonomy Pilot

Accelerate your Autoware development with Open Autonomy Pilot

AutonomouStuff Lexus in winter

AutonomouStuff is working with partners to develop an Autoware-based autonomous vehicle deployed for testing in downtown Peoria, IL, starting June 2019.

Open Autonomy Pilot partners receive:

  • Full access to all software, all collected data and weekly engineering analysis from three months of on-road testing
  • Simulation environment with a digital clone of vehicle, software and the Peoria route
  • In-depth training on the Autoware vehicle and simulation environment at our headquarters in Morton, IL
  • Integration of Autoware and HD map and R&D vehicle platform provided by AutonomouStuff
  • Partner logos on Peoria vehicle, professional b-roll video from Peoria provided to partners, and marketing collaboration for Peoria vehicle driving at CES 2020
Peoria Route

Phase 1 – Open Autonomy Pilot in Peoria, Illinois

  • AutonomouStuff will prove out the entire Autoware Vehicle system and offering on Peoria City Route.
  • Phase 1 Partners become First Priority recipients of an Autoware Vehicle and receive future service discounts.
AutonomouStuff MKZ/Lexus

Phase 2 possibilities – Ideas under consideration

  • Work with AutonomouStuff to develop your own Pilot fleet to test your technology
  • Bring up Autoware vehicle in Live Traffic with an HD Map on a route near your facility
Peoria, Illinois view from Illinois River

Will it play in Peoria?

Peoria is ideal for phase 1 of our pilot program because:

  • We’ve received unprecedented support from city officials.
  • Wall Street 24/7 named Peoria the 22nd most innovative City in the US.
  • Bradley University in Peoria is ranked #6 in Regional Universities Midwest, #5 in Best Value Schools and #14 in Most Innovative Schools.
  • Over 7.3 billion dollars in exports come out of the Peoria area yearly, putting it in the Top 50 exporters in the country. This includes everything from machineryto animal products.

AutonomouStuff Simulation Partner

Open Autonomy Pilot partners receive:

  • Access to Metamoto software tools (Designer, Director, Analyzer)
  • Integration of Peoria Route Scene into simulation
  • Integration of Autoware and Vehicle Control Software Integration into simulation

Real-time LiDAR scans and obstacle detection from Open Autonomy Pilot vehicle driving autonomously through downtown Peoria

Simulation at Scale