Engineering Services

Custom by-wire services

Whether you want to control an off-road vehicle, a class 8 truck or anything in between, our custom by-wire services allow you to interface electrically with all primary vehicle control systems (including brake, throttle and steering) and secondary systems (such as lights, turn signals and horns).

Custom software development

Accelerate your platform and research projects with custom software developed to meet your specific needs. Our software development services include:

  • Adding features to or adapting our software (such as Shuttle Automation or LiDAR Object Processing) for unique applications.
  • Creating custom software to fully utilize available sensors.
  • Developing a Robot Operating System (ROS) driver.
  • Custom speed and steering tuning for by-wire vehicles.

Discovery services

We can evaluate technologies for your specific applications as a flat-rate engineering service. Applications range from sensor evaluation to technology recommendations. Customers often use this affordable discovery service for:

  • Application verification.
  • Sensor evaluation for specific use cases.
  • Simple data collection.