Consulting Services

General consulting


AutonomouStuff can facilitate relationships between manufacturers and customers, including:

  • New vehicle manufacturers
  • Aftermarket system manufacturers
  • Government
  • Military

Full-stack autonomy

If you are working on full-stack autonomy that includes Apollo, Autoware, an NVIDIA drive platform or a shuttle platform, we can help you:

  • Choose the best software for your application.
  • Understand how each software application works.
  • Identify requirements for each software stack.
  • Select compatible hardware components for full-stack software.


If you are developing your own software for autonomous technology, we can help you:

  • Choose the software that works best for your applications.
  • Set up ROS.
  • Install ROS.
  • Develop custom ROS applications.

On-site maintenance

One of our skilled integration technicians can help with regular maintenance at your location. We do:

  • Clean-up work, including warranty maintenance and replacement of old components.
  • Calibration testing.
  • Other testing needed to make sure everything is running properly and meets your needs.

Expert workshops

We’ll develop an expert workshop, from one to four days long, tailored to your needs and subject requirements. Topics include:

Transportation industry

  • A new era of mobility
  • Intelligent vehicle industry landscape and global perspective of current activities
  • Implications of autonomous driving
  • Disruptive technology and innovation

Innovation best practices

  • Innovation and the C-suite
  • Exploring the potential: rainbows and land mines
  • Opportunity recognition: detecting weak signals with potential
  • Scoping and prioritization: hope is not a strategy
  • Building the imperfect beast: ideation and concept development
  • Going to market: testing, iteration, growth and exit

Accelerated growth: evaluating relationships

  • Collaboration
  • Partnerships
  • Alliances
  • Investments
  • Acquisitions

Other topics

  • Strategy development
  • Finding opportunity within uncertainty
  • RF measurement science and system calculations
  • Redefining educational criteria in hiring practices

California vehicle testing

AutonomouStuff can help you complete the California vehicle testing process, including:

  • Paperwork
  • Training material
  • Insurance information

Technology updates and newsletters

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