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Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle

SUGV (Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle) Collision Avoidance and Mapping

Customers throughout the world are using robotics to help save lives. Now small robotics are being developed to not only Small Unmanned Ground VehicleSmall Unmanned Ground Vehiclebe operated by remote control, but also have the capability to operate
anytime under any condition, without an operator.

Using LiDAR, the robots are able to navigate around obstacles, through buildings, and avoid areas of hazard. LiDAR can also be used to collect data and create a very detailed map of the environment. This is especially useful for scouting unknown areas including buildings and tunnels.

Industrial small unmanned ground vehicles also use LiDAR for collision avoidance and maneuvering throughout facilities. Often industrial SUGVs will be used to automatically transport materials throughout a manufacturing facility or warehouse.

AutonomouStuff provides small and inexpensive perception solutions for obstacle detection, collision avoidance, and mapping. Contact us so we can help you decide which product best fits your specific application.