Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate (GUSS)

Four vehicles on a road

AutonomouStuff the leading product supplier of automotive perception technologies is providing ibeo LUX LiDAR products for perception on GUSS.

GUSS was developed by Virginia Tech engineering students using products from TORC Technologies a company that specializes in unmanned military vehicles. It’s being tested now by the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.

The GUSS vehicles can carry up to 1800 pounds and move at the speed of a troop on foot or about five miles per hour. The multi-purpose systems are designed to operate on off-road terrain day or night in all weather conditions and will support dismounted troops with point-to-point resupply thereby reducing the loads manually carried by Marines and providing a means for immediate casualty evacuation.

The rapid development and experimentation on the GUSS project were made possible through the use of TORC’s product line. This enabled Virginia Tech engineering students to leverage off-the-shelf technologies and focus on system integration challenges. The entire development process was completed in less than a year with the first prototype delivered for testing in six months.View of the vehicle with arrows pointing to sensors

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