YellowScan is a lightweight and fully integrated Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) LiDAR system. It is composed of a multi-echo laser scanner, an attitude and heading  reference system (AHRS), a GNSS receiver, an on board computer and a battery for 2 hours operation.

The multi-echo technology is perfectly suited for surveying area where vegetation is present. It can record up to 3 echos allowing to map topography under forest cover and thus is perfectly suited for archaeology or forestry applications.

At low flight speed, it provides impressive measurement density, up to hundreds points per square meters with a precision of 10 cm.

Weighting only 2.2kg (battery included) YellowScan is the lightest standalone surveying solution for Unmanned Air Vehicle LiDAR systems. It can be mounted on any kind of UAV that can carry 2.2kg payload. It has been used on different kinds of aerial vehicles, including multi-copters, gas-powered helicopters and fixed-wing UAV.

The sensor comes with software to process raw data into a georeferenced point cloud, in the geographic projection of your choice.

YellowScan’s UAV LiDAR system users like its ease of use and flexibility.

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