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Xsens MTi G-710

The MTi-G-710 GNSS/INS is a GNSS-aided, IMU-enhanced GNSS/INS offering high-quality position and orientation. The multiple constellation configurations in the MTi-G-710 allows for higher robustness, especially when GNSS-visibility is limited.

  • Internal L1 multi-GNSS receiver
  • High-performance vibration resistant MEMS-based gyroscopes
  • Integrated into FAA (DO-160) certified applications

Check out this customer case Xsens wrote about us!

ROS driver available
Fully supported by your AStuff team


MTi 10-series Gyro bias stability Roll/Pitch
Static | Dynamic
Yaw Position/Velocity
MTi-10 IMU 18˚/h X X X
MTi-20 VRU 18˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.5˚ Unref. X
MTi-30 AHRS 18˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.5˚ 1.0 deg X
MTi-100 IMU 10˚/h X X X
MTi-200 VRU 10˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.3˚ Unref. X
MTi-300 AHRS 10˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.5˚ 1.0 deg X
MTi-G-710 GNSS 10˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.5˚ 1.0 deg

Industrial design

The anodized aluminum housing of the MTi series protects the internal components against damage. The housing is tested to meet IP 67, so it can withstand temporary immersion at a depth of 1m.

Versatile connectivity

Rugged 9-pins waterproof connectors for lasting integration in vibrating environments.

Smart mounting

The MTi series have special alignment studs for easy mounting and easy aligning.


Input voltage 4.5-34V or 3V3
Typical power consumption 675-950 mW
IP-rating IP 67 (encased)
Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Vibration and shock MIL-STD-202 tested; 2000 g for 0.5 ms
Sampling frequency 10 kHz/channel (60 kS/s)
Output frequency Up to 2 kHz
Latency < 2 ms
Interfaces RS232/RS485/422/UART/USB (no converters)
Standard full range gyro 450 º/s (1000 º/s available as an option)
Standard full range acc 50 m/s² (150 m/s² available as an option)
In-run bias stability gyro 10 o/h
Bandwidth gyro 450 Hz
Bandwidth acc 375 Hz