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Xsens MTi 100-Series

The 4th generation MTi sets the new industry standard for reliable MEMS-based INSs AHRSs, VRUs and IMUs. The breakthrough sensor fusion algorithm that overcomes limitations in Kalman Filtering, the Xsens Estimation Engine (XEE), lets the MTi 100-series pioneer as an alternative for optical gyroscopes. The MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series are fully interchangeable with respect to the physical and electrical interface, which allows you to choose the specific MTi that best fits the application.

ROS driver available
Fully supported by your AS team


  • Breakthrough tracking performance
  • Coning and sculling algorithms @ 2kHz
  • Motion processing core for multiple sensor inputs and data sources
  • High-performance XEE, beyond traditional Kalman Filtering
  • Tuned for performance under vibrations and magnetic distortions
  • Comprehensive SDK and straightforward system integration
MTi 10-series Gyro bias stability Roll/Pitch Yaw Position/Velocity
Static | Dynamic
MTi-100 IMU 10˚/h X X X
MT-200 VRU 10˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.3˚ Unref. X
MT-300 AHRS 10˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.5˚ 1.0 you X
MTi-G-710 GNSS 10˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.5˚ 1.0 you

Mechanical Specifications

MTi-G encased:
57x42x23.5 mm, 55g
9-pins push-pull connector

MTi encased:
57x42x23.5 mm, 52g
9-pins push-pull connector

37x33x12 mm, 11g
24-pins header


Input voltage 4.5-34V or 3V3
Typical power consumption 675-950 mW
IP-rating IP 67 (encased)
Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Vibration and shock MIL-STD-202 tested; 2000 g for 0.5 ms
Sampling frequency 10 kHz/channel (60 kS/s)
Output frequency Up to 2 kHz
Latency < 2 ms
Interfaces RS232/RS485/422/UART/USB (no converters)
Standard full range gyro 450º/s (1000 º/s available as an option)
Standard full range acc 50m/s² (150 m/s² available as an option)
In-run bias stability gyro 10º/h
Bandwidth gyro 415 Hz
Bandwidth acc 375 Hz