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Xsens MTi 10-Series

The 4th generation MTi sets the new industry standard for reliable MEMS-based AHRS, VRU, and IMUs. The MTi 10-series gives the system integrator a choice of three different integration levels (IMU, VRU, AHRS). The MTi 10-series and the high-performance MTi 100-series share a common range of mechanical, electrical and communication/API interfaces to enable easy integration across a wide range of 3D motion tracking requirements.


  • Proven XKF3 sensor fusion algorithm
  • Cost effective system integrator solution
  • Coning and sculling algorithms @ 2 kHz
  • Choice of integration levels
  • Comprehensive SDK and straightforward system integration
  • Easy to use Development Board
MTi 10-series Gyro bias stability Roll/Pitch Yaw Position/Velocity
Static | Dynamic
MTi-10 IMU 18˚/h X X X
MTi-20 VRU 18˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.5˚ Unref. X
MTi-30 AHRS 18˚/h 0.2˚ | 0.5˚ 1.0 deg X


Input voltage 4.5-34V or 3V3
Typical power consumption 480-570 mW
IP-rating IP 67 (encased)
Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Vibration and shock MIL-STD-202 tested; 2000 g for 0.5 ms
Sampling frequency 10 kHz/channel (60 kS/s)
Output frequency Up to 2 kHz
Latency < 2 ms
Interfaces RS232/RS485/422/UART/USB (no converters)
Standard full range gyro 450 º/s (1000 º/s available as an option)
Standard full range acc 50 m/s² (150 m/s² available as an option)
In-run bias stability gyro 18º/h
Bandwidth gyro 415 Hz
Bandwidth acc 375 Hz