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Velodyne Alpha Puck

The Velodyne Alpha Puck VLS-128 is the world’s most advanced LiDAR sensor. As a culmination of ten years of LiDAR development and learning from millions of road miles, the Alpha Puck is a sensor specifically made for autonomous driving and advanced vehicle safety at highway speeds. It provides real-time 3D data up to 0.1-degree vertical and horizontal resolution with up to 300-meter range and 360° surround view. The Alpha Puck provides the range, resolution and accuracy required by the most advanced autonomous vehicle programs in the world.


  • 360° Horizontal FOV
  • +15° to -25° Vertical FOV
  • Up to 300m Range
  • Minimum Angular Resolution: 0.11°
  • Up to 4 Return Modes
  • Up to ~9.6 Million Points per Second
  • Environmental Protection: IP67
  • Connectors: RJ45 / M12
  • High Volume, Automotive Grade Contract Pricing