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Valeo Ultrasonic Sensor System

Valeo Ultrasonic Sensor System is a plug-and-play kit developed to allow users to easily interface with Valeo Ultrasonic Sensors, widely-used automotive grade sensors providing SDI (Sensor Distance Interface) and freespace output over CAN. The system will provide the direct distance detected by each sensor and freespace.

This kit contains twelve ultrasonic sensors, one ECU, sensor holders, and one harness, as well as the necessary documents for easy integration and interface.


  • Standard AK-geometry
  • Up to 4.1m measurement range
  • Near range measurement: 10–45cm
  • HP-Sensor can be used for systems up to ASIL B requirements (HP sensor developed ASIL B compliant)
  • Enhanced diagnosis capabilities (improved ice and mud detection)
  • Automotive grade, installed in series vehicles, in production hardware



Frequency 51.2 KHz
Minimum Distance 0.15 m *
Maximum Distance 4.1 m *
Horizontal Field of View 75° **
Vertical Field of View 45° **


Power Supply 11–16 V
Power Consumption 6 W


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C
Sensor Protection Class IP6KX, IPX6X, IPX7, IPX9K
ECU Protection Class IP42


Ultrasonic Sensor Dimensions 47 × 28 × 26 mm (H × W × D)
Membrane Diameter 15 mm
Ultrasonic Sensor Weight 15 g
ECU Dimensions 24 x 118 × 82 mm (H × W × D)
ECU Weight 98 g


CAN 250 kbit/s – 1000 kbit/s (adjustable)

* 75mm diameter pipe, Laboratory Conditions: 20°C, 50% rel. air humidity, no disturbance noise

** Opening angle against a flat plate (-3dB)