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Neobotix Ultrasonic Sensor System

The USBoard allows customers to add up to 16 ultrasonic sensors to their system. This provides autonomous robots or self-driving vehicles with valuable additional information about their environment. The sensors can be placed wherever they are needed to fill gaps that cannot be covered by other sensors.

The measurements of all sensors are available via CAN or serial connection. Two relay outputs indicate that an object was detected within the warning or alarm range.

The configuration of the USBoard is done by an intuitive graphical user interface. This Java GUI is platform independent and uses any RS232 connection (COM port) to connect to the USBoard. For each sensor, a warning and an alarm distance can be set individually.

ROS driver coming soon
Fully supported by your AStuff team


USBoard Technical Data

Support sensors 16 x Bosch ParkPilot URF6 / URF7
Supply voltage 9 VDC – 60 VDC, max. 5 W
Communication CAN, RS232
Inputs 4 x analogue (0 V – 5 V)
Outputs 2 x relays (warning/alarm distance, changeover contacts)
Configuration By Graphical user interface (java)
Measurement Up to 1.5 m, configurable warning and alarm distance
Safety Approval No


Single Sensor Features

  • Uses
    • for wide angle close range obstacle detection
    • typically used in parking aid applications
  • Elliptical detection zone with appr. field-of-view (FoV) opening angles of
    • ± 60° @ –3dB horizontally
    • ± 30° @ –3dB vertically
  • Transceiver element (transmit and receive function with one sensor)
  • Single-wire bidirectional data link to ECU
  • New development of sensor-specific integrated circuit for sensor electronics with full transmit and receive electronic functions as well as programmable sensitivity characteristics independent application requirements
  • Triangulation distance calculation method applied

Single Sensor Technical Data

Ultrasonic frequency ~ 48kHz
Distance range up to 2.5 m – 3 m
Electronics New Bosch sensor specific IC (mixed signal)
Diameter (membrane)
Diameter (housing)
Length (incl. membrane)
15 mm
23 mm
29/42 mm (rad./ax.)
Weight ~ 20 g
Operating temperature ~ 40˚C to +85˚C
Supply voltage 8 V (regulated)
Current consumption ≤ 6.5mA (Rx-mode)
≤ 500mA (Tx-mode)
Connector (type and orientation) Different options available
Protection Class IP 67K