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Torc SafeStop™ Wireless Emergency Stop System

The SafeStop™ Wireless Emergency Stop System provides an independent, wireless safety link for unmanned system operators.

The SafeStop is capable of remotely pausing or disabling unmanned ground and surface vehicles from a safe location. This ensures that people and expensive equipment are protected from the inherent dangers of unmanned vehicle system operation.


  • Multi-Level Control Provides Pause and Stop Functionality
  • Ability to Pair Multiple Transmitters with a Single Receiver
  • Available in Multiple Frequencies:
    • 340-400 MHz
    • 900 MHz
    • 1.3 GHz
    • 2.4 GHz
  • Independent Encrypted Communication
  • Lightweight and Portable Handheld Design
  • Units Provide Visual and Audible Operator Feedback
  • Long Range Operation & Extended Battery Life


Wireless Performance
Operating Distance with Single Transmitter Up to 6 miles (line of sight)
Update Rate 20 HZ
Total Number of Combined Transmitters 10
Transmitter Electrical
SS03TX Battery Life Up to 12 hours
SS03TX Input Voltage (charging) 12/24 VDC, ±10%
SS03TX Power Consumption (12 VDC) 15W
Receiver Electrical
SS03RX Input Voltage (VIN) 10-40 VDC
SS03RX Power Consumption (12 VDC) W (typical); max power dependent on output load
SafeStop 03TX 555g
SafeStop 03RX 1052g
SafeStop 03OT 71g
SafeStop 03RX Cables 203g
User Interface
User Settings Web browser configuration interface
Stop Input Standard mushroom-type stop button
Pause Input Guarded toggle switch
Bypass Mode Momentary push-button sequence
Visual Indicators Bicolor LEDs for Power, Link, Pause, & Stop
Audible Alarm Tone emitted for link lost & low battery
Wireless Link
Frequency Band 902-928MHz (other frequencies available)
Transmit Power 1W
Modulation FHSS GFSK
FCC Approved Yes
OEM Transmitter Electrical
SS03OT Input Voltage (VIN) 10-32 VDC
SS03OT Power Consumption (12 VDC) 2.5W
Frequency Options with Ranges
400MHz 340-400MHz
900MHz 902-928MHz
1.3GHz 1.33-1.54GHz
2.4GHz 2.400-2.4835GHz
Vehicle Interface/Output Ratings
Digital Communications TCP/IP over Ethernet (serial optionally available)
Emergency Stop Output Rating 1.5A Continuous (sink or source)
Emergency Override Output Rating 1.5A Continuous (sink or source)
Emergency Stop Output Minimum Voltage VIN – 2.4V
Emergency Override Output Minimum Voltage VIN – 2.4V
Dust/Water Resistance Receiver: IP67; Transmitter: IP64
Operational Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Operational Humidity 10% to 90%, non-condensing
Operational Shock Rating 15g


safestop emergency stop system safestop emergency stop system