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SmartNet Network RTK

SmartNet is a 24/7 GNSS Network RTK correction service, built on the world’s largest reference network, enabling precise centimeter-level positions nationwide, anytime. The corrections are delivered from the Network RTK server directly to your receiver without the need for additional base station infrastructure.




  • Over 1,300 stations covering over a billion acres
  • Available in 44 states and 8 provinces, coverage where you need it
  • No need to set up a base station
  • The accuracies of the computed rover positions are more homogeneous.
  • The accuracy is maintained over larger distances between the reference stations and the rover.
  • The same area can be covered with fewer reference stations (i.e. compared to the number of permanent reference stations required using Single Reference RTK).
  • Higher reliability and availability of RTK corrections (e.g. one station goes down, another station can take over).
  • Available Nationwide