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smartmicro altimeter UMRR-0A

Two Light Weight Options Available
Lowest weight radar altimeters on the market. Only 350g in the standard housing and sensational 160g for an integrated OEM version. The integrated OEM option is suited for integration into the customer’s enclosure.

Pitch and Roll
Pitch and Roll up to 20 degrees (pitch) and 20 degrees (roll) are supported. The beam shape is circular, a total of (pitch plus roll) must not exceed +/-20 degrees.

Start-up time
After power-up or reset, the altitude readings are within specified performance within 5 seconds.


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Smallest size

Having dimensions of only 11 × 9.9 × 2.9cm our radars are the smallest altimeters available today.

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Lightest weight

With 160g of our most lightweight sensor, we offer the by far lightest altimeter on the market.

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Lowest power

Our altimeters consume less than 4W from 7-32V DC, outperforming other available products by far.

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Unbreakable design

Our sensors work in temperatures from -40 to +85°C and withstand highest shock and vibration levels.

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One single unit

smartmicro provides antenna and radar in one single unit, working at altitudes from 0.5 to 500m.

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Fastest update cycles

Needing only 17ms for one measurement, our sensors can make 60 measurements per second.


smartmicro is an innovative company in the field of the design, development and production of high-performance radar systems as well as sensor fusion. Their focus is in automotive and commercial markets. planes_d400heli_d400