Shuttle Automation

AStuff’s Shuttle Automation software is a collection of software that allows the user to record a route and then replay that route through the platform automation system. Shuttle Automation is adaptable to allow for full autonomy integration.

Currently, we support Xsens and NovAtel positioning systems as inputs. We also support using wheel speeds, IMU and GPS information from the host platforms we provide.

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Advanced waypoint following featuring advanced smooth acceleration, braking and steering control algorithms. This package includes:

  • User friendly web user interface
    • Teach, view and pre-program desired driving route
    • Live route indication and vehicle location with map overlay
  • Adjustable vehicle behaviors (aggressive, passive)
  • Adjustable speed
  • Drag and drop infrastructure points of interest (stop, speed limits, intersections and more)
  • Feedback status (GPS signal, valid sensor input, etc)