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Quanergy M8

Proven LiDAR powerhouse made and tested for 3D mapping, security and harsh industrial environments.

The M8 is the first cost-effective long range LiDAR sensor enabling ubiquitous use of smart sensing in dynamic situations — made and tested for the most demanding applications. The M8 sensor’s small design sees by day or night, with no IR signature needed, and works in any weather. Multiple laser beams and Time-of-Flight (TOF) depth perception result in 3D point clouds for spatial sensing. With a 360° field of view, long measurement range, high accuracy, and fine resolution, this sensor is now available at a breakthrough price.


  • 8 sensing layers
  • Wide Field of View (FOV)
  • Long measurement range
  • Fine horizontal resolution
  • Day and night vision; no IR heat-signature needed
  • Resistance to false returns caused by aerosols (dust, mist, rain, snow)
  • PPS input signal to timestamp data and for synchronizing multiple sensors
  • Light tight design to eliminate cross talk from multiple sensors
  • Linux and Windows drivers for easy configuration, integration, and testing
  • ROS drivers


quanergy m8quanergyquanergy m8


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