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Ocular Robotics RE08 Laser Scanning System

Ocular Robotics’ RobotEye RE08 3D LIDAR – 3D Laser Scanning System delivers the signature scanning flexibility common to all Ocular Robotics’ RobotEye 3D scanners in a highly robust package that allows the scanning head to be separated from the control enclosure by up to 20 meters, connected only by an optical fiber and power/signal cable. The external interface to the RE08 is just power and Ethernet.

The unique scanning capabilities of Ocular Robotics 3D laser scanners provide the ability to moment by moment adapt the scanning behavior to suit the task. The RE08’s three scanning modes — Full Field, Bounded Elevation and Region Scanning — allow the user to define the desired scan region, vertical and horizontal data resolution, sample rate and more. Users transition to the new scan parameters within milliseconds. Other features of the RE08 include a range of between 80 meters and 250 meters to most natural surfaces, up to 25kHz sample rate, up to 5 ranges measured for each laser pulse, 0.005-degree angular resolution and a C SDK to speed integration of the RE08 into your projects.


Data Output

The RE08 system has a pulse repetition rate of up to 25kHz and is able to resolve up to five separate ranges for each laser pulse. This feature gives the RE08 enhanced capability to see through things like dust and rain, and to image complex objects like vegetation. Given the ability of the system to return multiple range measurements for each laser pulse the number of 3D data points returned can significantly exceed the pulse repetition rate setting. The high data rates possible with the RE08 allow very dense point cloud data to be acquired quickly from the region specified by the current scan settings or alternatively to rapidly update 3D range information at a lower resolution. The RE08’s data output format is (x, y, z) points and at all pulse repetition rates, data output can include a value indicating the intensity of the returned signal to give (x, y, z, intensity) data points.


The RE08 3D Laser Scanning System has been designed to operate in harsh industrial environments and to be mounted as a permanent part of vehicles and mobile equipment. The RE08’s configuration as separated scanning head and control enclosure elements contribute to the systems’ robustness to harsh environments. By allowing the scanning head to be placed in the most suitable position for acquiring data and the control and measurement system components up to 20 meters away in a less exposed location system ruggedness is significantly enhanced. The mining & resources, bulk materials handling and similar industries, in particular, will benefit greatly from a 3D scanning LIDAR system that can be a permanent part of their operations.


The bidirectional communication of data and control with the RobotEye RE08 3D LIDAR is achieved via the system’s Ethernet port. This enables the system to be operated and data processing to occur anywhere on the network to which the RE08 is connected, limited only by the allowable length of Ethernet cable.





Maximum Azimuth Rate 15Hz
Maximum Elevation Rate 3Hz
Azimuth Axis Resolution 0.025°
Elevation Axis Resolution 0.025°
Azimuth Range 360° Continuous
Elevation Range 70° (±35°)
Weight (Scan Head/Control Enclosure) 9.1kg / 5.9kg


Communication Ethernet
Supply Voltage 24VDC
Power Consumption — Typical (average) 100W


RobotEye C++ Development Library Windows/Linux
RE08 Tools Application Windows/Linux


Laser Class 1M
Laser Wavelength Near InfraRed
Laser Divergence 2.4 mrad
Max. Ranges per Laser Pulse 5
Range Accuracy ±10mm
High-Range Mode High-Speed Mode
Maximum Sample Rate 5 kHz 25 Hz
Range (ρ=10% / ρ=80% / reflector) 60m/180m/1200m 35m/100m/1000m

(ρ = reflectivity)


Operating Temperature Range (Scan Head) -10°C – +65°C
Operating Temperature Range (CSE) -10°C – +50°C
IP Class Rating (Scan Head/CSE) 67/66

Specifications are subject to change without notice




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