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NovAtel GPS Receivers

Superior Positioning and Navigation Solutions

NovAtel’s complete product line is developed to meet a wide range of accuracy and cost requirements.

Providing exceptional positioning performance with leading-edge technology, NovAtel receivers are known for their low power consumption and comprehensive message suites for configuration and data logging.

NovAtel GNSS products have earned a reputation for leading the industry in performance, accuracy and innovation. We supply a full range of precise GNSS positioning products including GNSS.

NovAtel GNSS receivers are available in two formats.

Ask us about how NovAtel is transitioning to offer cost-effective automotive grade products in volume.

GPS OEM Receiver Boards

receiver boardGPS OEM Receiver Boards
Setting the industry standard in product quality and customer support, our OEM GNSS receivers are easy to integrate and available in multiple hardware and software configurations.

GPS SMART Antennas

GPS SMART Antennassmart antenna
NovAtel SMART antennas refer to a group of high precision products that include a board-level GNSS receiver and antenna integrated into one compact enclosure.

Your application requires the ideal antenna to achieve your positioning requirements.