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Mobileye Camera Development Kit

The Mobileye Camera Development Kit is perfectly suited for sensor fusion systems, on-road Advanced Driver Assistance and automated driving research. It is similar to Mobileye’s EPM (Mobileye EyeQ processing module), which is intended for the evaluation of Mobileye vision applications for automotive mass production. The main difference is that we are offering it for the rest of the world’s researchers.

The Mobileye 630 system (ROS driver available) uses a smart digital camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle.

Inside the camera, Mobileye’s powerful EyeQ2® Image Processing Chip provides high-performance real-time image processing, by utilizing the Mobileye vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technologies to effectively measure and calculate dynamic distances between the vehicle and road objects.

The EyeQ2 Image Processing Chip identifies and sorts the processed images into real-life driving situations, and transmits relevant alerts to the EyeWatch® display and control unit, providing the driver with life-saving alerts.

ROS driver available
Fully supported by your AStuff team


Features enabled

  • FCW Forward Collision Warning and Alerts
  • UFCW Urban Forward Collision Warning
  • PCW Pedestrian Collision Warning
  • LDW Lane Departure Warning
  • WMW Headway Monitoring Warning
  • IHC Intelligent High-Beam Control
  • SLI and TSR – Speed Limit Indication and Traffic Sign Recognition
  • LKA Lane Keeping and Guidance Assist

Kit includes

  • Mobileye Smart Digital Camera for easy mounting on the windshield
  • Connecting Cable
  • EyeWatch Display Unit
  • Complete Startup and Installation Guide
  • Interface Documentation via CANbus
  • Direct access to the Mobileye Setup Wizard for system calibration

Max Detection Range

  • Vehicle Day: 150 meters
  • Vehicle Night: 90 meters
  • Pedestrian (Day Only): 40 meters

mobileye camera vehicle detection

Vehicle Detection

  • Detections on square and rectangular elements at the vehicles’ rear
  • Detection of the back wheels
  • Detection of rear lights at night

mobileye camera lane detection

Lane Detection

  • Detection of solid or dashed lane markings
  • Detection of continuous road markings

mobileye camera pedestrian detection

Pedestrian Detection

  • Detection of human body characteristics
  • Detection of walking motion


Mobileye headway monitoring and warning

Mobileye pedestrian collision warning

Mobileye forward collision warning