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LUCID Triton 3.2 MP

The LUCID Vision Labs Triton 3.2 MP camera with IP67 C-Mount 50mm Lens Tube is lightweight and compact. The Triton’s electronics are housed in a sealed two-piece aluminum case secured by 4 M2 screws. The M12 connector for Ethernet and M8 connector for GPIO provide a robust and sturdy connection resistant to shock and vibration. For even more protection, an optional IP67 lens tube can be attached for dust proof and water resistant operation, eliminating the need for an external case. All Triton cameras are actively aligned to minimize image sensor tilt, image sensor rotation, and to place the center of the image sensor at the lens optical axis. Our six degrees of freedom manufacturing process accurately and precisely positions the image sensor to the lens mount so that images are sharp and crisp, even in the corners.




  • IP67
  • GiGE Vision (PoE)
  • M12 & M8 connectors
  • Small & light
  • Active sensor alignment
  • Global shutter
  • 29x29x45mm
  • 67 grams
  • -20°C to 55°C
  • Waterproof lens enclosures available
  • Sony Pregius sensors
  • Arena SDK


Sensor Model Sony IMX265 CMOS Image Buffer 128 MB
Shutter Type Global Image Processing Gain, gamma, black level, white balance, LUT, CCM, pixel correction, hue, saturation, color space conversion
Sensor Size 8.9 mm (Type 1/1.8″) Pixel Formats Mono8/10/12/16, Bayer8/10/12/16, RGB8, YUV422, YUV411
Resolution 2048 x 1536 px, 3.2 MP Image Modes Horizontal and vertical binning, decimation, ROI, horizontal and vertical flip
Pixel Size 3.45 µm (H) x 3.45 µm (V) ADC 12 bit
Framerate 38 FPS @ 3.2 MP Gain Range 0 dB to 48 dB analog and digital
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Exposure Time 30 μs to 10 s
Dimensions 29 x 29 x 44.5 mm CAMERA FEATURES
Lens Mount C-Mount User Sets 1 default and 2 custom user set
Weight 67 g File System Size 16 MB
INTERFACE AND POWER INFORMATION Chunk Data Timestamp, frame counter, offset X/Y, width/height, exposure time, gain, black level, line status, sequencer set
Digital Interface 1000BASE-T GigE M12, PoE Event Data Acquisition start/end, exposure start/end, line rise/fall, error
GPIO Interface 8 pin M8 connector Counter & Timer 2 counters and 2 timers
Opto-Isolated I/O Ports 1 input, 1 output Sequencer Exposure time, gain
Non-Isolated I/O Ports 2 bi-directional Synchronization Software trigger, hardware trigger, PTP (IEEE 1588)
Power Requirement PoE (IEEE 802.3af), or 12-24 VDC external STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATIONS
Power Consumption 3.1W via PoE, 2.5W when powered externally Standard GigE Vision v2.0
IP67 C-Mount 50mm Lens Tube Compliance CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH, WEEE
Length 50mm Storage Temperature -30 to 60°C
Outer Diameter Ø 41.0mm Operating Temperature -20 to 55°C ambient
Inner Diameter Ø 35.5mm Humidity Operating: 20% ~ 80%, relative, non-condensing
Model # IPT-C50 Warranty 3 year