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AStuff LiDAR Object Processing Software

LiDAR Object Processing (LOP) software processes three-dimensional point cloud data from a LiDAR sensor to establish the ground plane and track objects above it. The software is modular by design and built for ROS applications. AutonomouStuff tuned LOP using a Velodyne VLP-32C sensor. LOP also functions with a Velodyne VLP-16 sensor, but tuning for that LiDAR model is not available.




  • Benefit from ROS integration.
  • Perform ground segmentation, data clustering and object tracking with advanced algorithms.
  • Uniquely track objects 360 degrees around the vehicle, and report the position, size, velocity, acceleration and age of each unique track.
  • Tune parameters for ground height threshold, object height threshold and object point cluster size.
  • Scale to multiple LiDAR sensors with the advanced algorithm.
  • See visualized 3-D bounding boxes around tracked objects.
  • Take advantage of documentation and world-class support.

LOP modular software saves you months of effort:

  • Creating custom ground segmentation software.
  • Developing custom object tracking algorithms.
  • Optimizing LiDAR data processing algorithms.
  • Tuning algorithms for multiple sensors.

Supported sensors

Currently supported

Coming soon

  • Object classification


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