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Kaarta Contour

Kaarta Contour™ enables 3D modeling from input to output in real time, condensing the workflow process by eliminating time and cost, and allowing decision-making at the point of work.

Lightweight and battery powered, Contour is hand carried through an environment as it scans to generate a 3D map without additional infrastructure. A typical 10,000 sq/m (110,000 sq/ft) space can be scanned in about 2.5 hours.

Contour is ideal for scanning as-built multi-room interiors, multi-floor plans, buildings, industrial plants and infrastructure and more for both planning and maintenance purposes.

Reality Layer

Kaarta Reality Layer integrated post-processing enables one-click cleanup and colorization of Contour datasets, running the gamut from point cloud to surface mesh to RGB point cloud to rich photorealistic model. These colorization capabilities make it possible to quickly capture and process just the level of color detail needed for a wide range of applications. At its most immersive and photorealistic level of detail, Reality Layer automatically connects the dots on a dimensionally-accurate, high-fidelity point cloud to create faithful surface models for the seamless overlay of high-resolution color imagery – all rapidly captured and processed with one mobile handheld device. Reality Layer reveals features such as surface textures and colors, locations of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other features, or even details as fine as the text on signage or labeling.


  • Range: 20 meters
  • Data Rate: 43,200 points per second
  • 7″ touchscreen
  • Pause, rewind, resume
  • ~ 2.5 hrs to scan 10k sq/m (110,000 sq/ft)
  • Laser accurate to ± 3cm
  • 3D Point Cloud Model Formats: .las or .ply files to import into CAD and 3D viewers such as Cloud Compare
  • Imagery: Onboard HD color camera images taken during the scan can be saved and used to add color to the point cloud.
  • Kaarta Reality Layer


Format .ply or .las
  • Baseline mapping
  • Pause, rewind, resume during scanning
  • Merge maps for large and complex areas
  • Add on mapping is compatible with files produced with Kaarta Stencil®
IMU Internal MEMS-based IMU
Six DOF: X, Y, Z, Roll, Pitch, Yaw
Processor Intel i7 dual-core
Port 1 USB 3.0
Storage 250 GB SSD
Laser 20m range
190° horizontal FOV
190° vertical FOV
Accurate to ± 3cm
Camera Onboard HD color camera
Screen 18cm (7”) touchscreen
Weight 2.78 kg (6.13 lb)
Power Input 12-24 vDC
Speed ~5km/hr (3.1mph) typical walking speed
~ 2.5 hrs to scan 10k sq m (110,000 sq ft)
Mounting Hand-held
Included Accessories 23000 mAh, 85W external battery for additional run time
AC power adaptor
Warranty 90 days


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