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ibeo Wide Angle Scanning (ScaLa) Sensor

Introducing the world’s first automotive mass production laser scanner, now available from AutonomouStuff.

ScaLa has multi-plane long range and embedded object tracking and classification. We are pleased to announce that we are currently offering ScaLa v3.0 status samples for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) research and development efforts. This sensor is one giant step in the redefinition of mobility.

Fully supported by your AStuff team


  • Embedded Feature-Based Object Tracking and Classification
  • Infrared Laser (905 nm) (Eye Safety)
  • Horizontal Field-of-View of 145°
  • Horizontal Resolution of 0.25°
  • Vertical Field-of-View of 3.2°
  • 4 Vertical Layers of 0.8° each
  • Data Refresh Time of 40/80 ms
  • Distance Resolution <0.1 m
  • Typical Range 150 m (Passenger Car)
  • Power Consumption <7 W
  • CAN Interface for vehicle data and Ethernet interface
  • Package Size: 105 x 60 x 100 mm


ibeo ScaLa Fusion System