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ibeo ScaLa Fusion System

The ibeo ScaLa Fusion System serves for detecting and identifying objects around a vehicle under a specific angle. It is integrated into the vehicle.

Up to five laser scanners are connected to the central computation unit (Ibeo ECU, Ethernet port 2-6) via ethernet. Each Scala sensor requires the usage of one Valeo Media Converter Box. It converts the direct sensor output into standard ethernet. The laser scanners provide their measurements to the ibeo ECU which performs the fusion of measured features, the object detection and tracking algorithms. The ibeo ECU receives vehicle motion data, including the vehicle speed and yaw rate, via CAN. This vehicle motion data is preferably provided by the vehicle internal communication network, which is interfaced to the Ibeo ECU via a gateway.

A USB camera can be connected to the ibeo ECU. The image from the camera can be merged with the raw data and object data stream as feedback for the operator.

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There are two interfaces on which the ibeo ECU provides a processed data output.

  • Ethernet port 1 can be used for data logging and visualization. This interface provides
    • fused raw scan data of all scanners in the fusion system
    • object data (up to 254)
    • vehicle motion data
    • log messages and
    • optional video image from the USB camera
  • Alternatively, the CAN bus can be used as a system output for Object data (up to 10) only. Please note, that the maximum data rate of the CAN bus is much lower than the data rate of the Ethernet port. Therefore, only a reduced number of objects can be provided via CAN. To ensure that important objects are provided first, there are different object prioritization criteria to choose from.


ibeo scala fusion system

The figure above shows an example setup with a five ScaLa sensor fusion system mounted on a vehicle.