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ibeo Standard Eight Layer/Multi-Echo LUX Sensor

The ibeo LUX 8L laser scanner is similar to the standard ibeo LUX but it comes with a double vertical field of view and 8 layers, managed in two pairs of 4 layers.

The ibeo LUX 8L is specially designed for doing object tracking (upper 4 layers) and scanning the ground (lower 4 layers) at the same time.


  • Based on the awarded ibeo laser scanning technology
  • Object tracking on top 4 layers and raw data ground scanning/profiling at the same time
  • Double vertical field of view (6.4 deg) managed in two pairs of 4 layers
  • Embedded data (pre) processing (ground and clutter classifications)
  • Embedded object classification and tracking (up to 65 objects) on top four layers only