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Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW

The Hokuyo UTM-30LX Scanning Laser Rangefinder is a small, affordable and accurate laser scanner that is perfect for small robotic applications. The UTM-30LX is able to report ranges from 100mm to 30m (1mm resolution) in a 270° scanning arc with 0.25° angular resolution. Its power consumption is only 12V/700ma which allows it to be used on battery operated platforms.

The UTM-30LX is rated IP67, this means total dust ingress protection and protected against water spray from any direction making it ideal for small robotics.

ROS driver available
Fully supported by your AStuff team


  • Detectable range is .1m-30m
  • Scanning angle 270 deg
  • Angular resolution .25 deg
  • Power Consumption <8w
  • Laser Source 905nm
  • Scan Speed 25ms
  • Operating Voltage 12v
  • Interface USB 2.0
  • Synchronous/Warning output signal available
  • IP67 Housing
  • Compact Size: W60×D60×H87mm
  • Small weight, 370g
  • Low Price