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Ergoneers D-Lab

D-Lab is your powerful, all-purpose and adaptable software for synchronous data capture and analysis for user and behavioral studies. The great flexibility of the measurement and analysis modules enable you to tailor D-Lab to your exact requirements. It supports you throughout your whole study cycle – from planning to synchronous data capturing and analysis with a whole set of visualization options.


  • Integration of data from different data sources
  • Frequency independence of the data sources
  • Real-time visualization of all data source
  • Variety of data modules with specific analysis functions for each data source
  • Free-configurable layout

Example of Usage

  • Market research
  • Ergonomics
  • Vehicle research (cars, trucks, construction vehicles, utility vehicles)
  • Airplane research
  • Railway research
  • Usability
  • Behavioral research
  • Perception research
  • Monitoring rooms
  • Design clinics
  • Teaching and learning research
  • Sport and biomechanics research
  • Animal behavior
  • Medical research
  • Virtual reality & augmented reality
  • Architecture/building/exhibition studies
  • Production ergonomics and workplace design