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Delphi ESR with Firmware Version: 9.21.15

With the same exact hardware/interface as the standard Delphi ESR the Delphi ESR V9.21.15 is a special DSP software which disables the Radar Tracker Grouping (grouping of detections into tracks) and Merging (combining of closely-spaced tracks into single track) and Filtering (range/range rate/angle filtering to provide some smoothness in the data).

Therefore it still tracks data that is output on the Private CAN bus but that data would come from individual detections and would be much more “raw” than the standard 9.21.00 ESR.

ROS driver for CAN interface available
Fully supported by your AStuff team


  • Multi-mode, multi-application capability
  • Simultaneous long- and mid-range functionality
  • Solid-state Technology, no moving parts
  • Extremely reliable Class-leading performance and durability
  • Resistant to vibration and extremely robust
  • Dual-mode classification enhances object reliability
  • Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Pulse Doppler
  • Compact packaging
  • Complete radar module, including electronics, measures just 173.7 x 90.2 x 49.2 millimeters including mounting features
  • Produced using processes proven in high-volume manufacture of engine control units
  • Max. Range on Pedestrian: 60m*
  • Max. Range on Passenger Car/Truck: 174m*
  • Max. Range on Motorcycle: 100m*

*Assuming a level radar, no weather attenuation, and insignificant fascia attenuation.

Electronically scanning radar (ESR) enables the following features:

Delphi ESR V9.21.15 diagram

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go
  • Enhances driver convenience
  • Reduces driver workload
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Helps reduce the potential for an accident and injury
  • Helps reduce the potential for property damage
  • Brake Support
  • Helps reduce the potential for an accident and injury
  • Helps reduce the potential for property damage
  • Headway Alert
  • Provides distance information
  • Alerts driver when the preset time-gap to vehicle ahead is violated


Delphi ESR V9.21.15 pic

The image above shows the ESR with firmware version 9.21.15 in action.

Raw data from ESR
Raw data from ESR