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Dataspeed Power Distribution System

The Power Distribution System (PDS) is a flexible and easy-to-use solution to powering the subsystems of a test vehicle. The PDS supports 12 independent DC relay channels that can each draw a continuous 20 amps. It can also switch an external power inverter for AC loads. Channels can be turned on and off using a physical pushbutton switchboard, a customizable touch screen interface or CAN messages. Automatic startup and shutdown sequences can also be programmed. If more independent channels are needed, two PDS devices can be connected for 24 total DC channels.


  • 12┬áchannels with fuses and programmable relays
  • Up to 20A continuous per channel
  • 9V-18V input range
  • Ignition signal for automatic startup and shutdown
  • Programmable startup and shutdown scripts
  • Current feedback and fault detection
  • AC Power Inverter for 120V or 240V loads
  • External fan control
  • Combine two units for a total of 24 channels


Power Distribution Panel

  • Serviceable fuses
  • Screw terminal connectors for channel power
  • Status lights for each channel

Configuration GUI

  • Customizable channel names
  • Set individual channel current limits
  • Write startup and shutdown scripts

Switch Panel Interface

  • Individual channel control and status
  • Script execution
  • Integrated into the center console
  • Total current and voltage input to PDS

DC-AC Power Inverter

  • AC 120V or 240V option
  • 600W continuous
  • Control and status