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AStuff ShorePower

The AStuff ShorePower solution transitions ECU power from car power to shore power without a power-down. This solution also maintains battery charge level when plugged into a 20 amp/120 VAC supply. When parking a vehicle equipped with the ShorePower kit, put your vehicle in park, leave the engine running and plug in the included cord to a 110 AC 20 A outlet. Then you can cycle off the vehicle ignition without losing power to your computers, sensors and other devices. This will allow for proper shutdown of in-vehicle ECUs and will eliminate the need to leave a vehicle running while parked.




  • Enables proper shutdown of in-vehicle ECUs while vehicle is shut down
  • Automatic switching between 12 V provided by the vehicle’s battery system and power provided at your facility
  • Includes cord to a 110 AC 20A outlet


  • Input:
    • 105–130 VAC
    • 1300 watts
  • Output:
    • 13.6 VDC
    • 80 amps